Well after a quiet start to my year, things have picked up a pace.

September saw the Livery Halls Walk with Senior and myself keeping pace with the fittest

Our Court meeting in October was held at the lovely Tallow Chandlers’ Hall while our Hall was being finished. Past Master Neville Wells who is the last survivor of our founders gave a wonderful welcoming speech.

Both my Lady & I, together with Senior attended St Pauls Cathedral for Evensong, hosted by the Musicians Company on my birthday 4th October followed by drinks in the Crypt!

Two days later I was up very early in the morning to attend the BIG Breakfast for the Hackney Carriage Disneyland trip. Lots of very happy faces!

The end of October and the beginning of September welcomed the LCN and LADA awards and it was an absolute pleasure to learn that Past Master Dennis Hargreaves had been awarded the Life Time Achievement Award. Well done Dennis!

On 6th November I attended the Air Ambulance evening at the Honourable Artillery Company (one of the few places in London where one can safely land a helicopter!). I met the new Chief Executive who explained that the helicopter is used primarily for getting the trauma team to the scene of an accident quickly, not necessarily getting the victim to the hospital.

Saturday 11th was of course the Lord Mayor’s Show. I was joined by Senior, Renter and Past Master David Hart. The rain held off and the whole day was as good as ever.

Past Master Martyn and Past Master David, Senior, Clerk and myself attended the AHOY! Centre last week to pass over our Cutter Princess Nausicaa. Set next to the Thames at Deptford with their own slipway, the charity do a fantastic job teaching disadvantaged young people to row and even build their own boats. Our Livery will still be able to use the Cutter so it is a win win for us all.

The next day I was privileged to dine with the Judges at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) and sat next to the Recorder of London and chatted at length with His Excellency the High Commissioner for Botswana. Naturally most of the conversation was about Zimbabwe!

Clerk is now back at our Hall which is nearly ready so that is a relief! I have a busy few weeks ahead but more of that in my next blog!