This is my first Blog since my elevation to the office of Master on the 21st of June and in the fifteen days since then, I could have attended four events, but Deputy Master Jack Strachan very kindly stepped in and covered the first, on the 22nd of June, the Mayoral Service of Reflection and Hope at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

I did, however manage to attend the next two events that week with the Election of the Sheriffs on the Thursday, 24th June at the Guildhall.  Alison Gowman and Nicholas Lyons are now serving in Office as the double Aldermanic Shrievalty as of September 2021.  Following the election at Guildhall, many of those present attended a luncheon organised by the Worshipful Company of Chartered Accountants in the Members’ Dining Room of the Guildhall Club which I was delighted to also attend.

Then followed, eight days later on Friday, 2nd July, a Court luncheon with the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, which I had no difficulty in finding because it was held it at our Hall at London Bridge.  At their event I gave the speech on behalf of the Guests.

In closing this Blog I wish to pay tribute to Past Master Jack Strachan for the way he has held office over the past two years, guiding us through the unchartered waters of the virus pandemic, because there was no previous experience of what we should have expected and he held his nerve and kept control when he could have lost interest and given up.  Also, I would like to thank his consort to events, Helen, for the help and support she has shown him over the past two difficult years.

With the prospect of the lifting of the Covid restrictions we could soon start our programme of social events with the first being the planned Sunday Lunch on a London Thames River Cruiser, which we will join at the Tower of London Pier. Watch out for more details of this from our Clerk very soon !