In the weeks since my last Blog things have been rather quiet with events and functions to be attended few and very spaced out.

However, there have been a number of ZOOM WEBINARS, first with Water Conservators and then a rather enjoyable Gin Tasting session.  I say enjoyable Gin Tasting but that refers to the first sip or two, with a certain type of tonic water, because the following mixes could not compare.  It was, however, interesting to observe other ZOOMERS quaffing down all the liquor offered within the session and becoming slightly slurred of speech towards the end of the session.

On Sunday, 22nd of August, our planned Launderers’ Lunch on the River Thames Cruise, went ahead with our allocation of tickets fully booked.  The weather was a bit breezy and not the anticipated August sunshine but that did not stop us from enjoying a roast chicken lunch accompanied by a commentary from the Boat Captain as we passed along the Embankment and were able to view the sights of the City between the Houses of Parliament and Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs from riverside.  A delightful afternoon and likely to be repeated in forthcoming programmes of events.

On the 24th August, I attended the Brigantes’ Breakfast, this year held at Tennant’s Auction Rooms in Leyburn which is in the Yorkshire Dales.  The original Brigantes were Ancient Britons who in pre-Roman times controlled the largest section of what would later become Northern England. Their territory, often referred to as Brigantia, was centred in what we now know as Yorkshire. The Brigantes, who are London Livery members whose place of birth, or chosen residence, is in the north, was formed in 2013 and meet once per year for a lunch. In Roman times the territory which the Brigantes inhabited was bordered by that of four other peoples: the Carvetii in the northwest, the Parisii to the east and, to the south, the Corieltauvi and the Cornovii.  To the north was the territory of the Votadini, which straddled the present day border between England and Scotland. Following a hard campaign, the Brigantes under Venutius a 1st-century King of the Brigante, was conquered in AD 73 by the Romans.

I was very honoured to be on the Top Table, along with the principal guests made up of Alderman Professor Michael Mainelle, Sheriff of the City of London, Rt Revd Dr Helen Hartley, Bishop of Ripon, Revd Cllr Chris Cullwick, Lord Mayor of York, Cllr Ashley Mason, Sheriff of York, Cllr Richard Sanderson, Mayor of Leyburn, Lt Col William Richmond , CO The Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeths’ Own), and a clutch of Livery Masters from the City of London.  We were entertained at the lunch by British Imperial Military Band and this included the Post Horn Gallup with the horn players, resplendent in their red uniforms, weaving between the 9 tables with 260 attendees.  Very interesting and excellent entertainment.