Those who know me will appreciate that I am a fully paid up member of the Filofax Carrying Society and IT devices seem to malfunction as I approach them. It will therefore be a major surprise to many to find me as a Blogger. However, our Livery is a wonderful thing which should be widely shared and as part of this, I now dive into the Blogosphere with both feet with only my Filofax as a safety net.

My Installation in July was a wonderful day which was closely followed by the Livery Church Walk, visiting Churches within the City with other Masters. This was a day of discovering hidden gems and I recommend it to everyone to give it a try and for me, what a great way for me to start my year…………… Spirituality and exercise.

The Summer has given Margaret and I time to ponder, plan and organise for the coming months. Things have picked up now that September is here with The Modern Liveries Dinner at Farmers and Fletchers Hall being a great evening in great company. However, just a word of caution after the evening. When removing the top of the Loving Cup with a flourish, be mindful of low hanging light fittings in recently refurbished Halls, they tend to come off if you hit them and can cause embarrassment when they fall and roll down the table. Fear not, I was an observer not a Glass Dismantler.

Scores of note so far are – Pints of Milk 1; Lamb gravy with vegetarian meal 1;

Now where did I leave my Filofax