Some comments from the students who participated with the 2018 Travelling Scholarship Scheme to Girbau in Spain ……………..

Other than the great company and the productive, insightful discussions (and knowledge sharing) which took place between Girbau staff and all the travelling scholars – my personal highlight of the visit was the tour of the newly opened and genuinely inspiring Girbau Experience Centre (GEX) and Girbau factories at the headquarters in Vic.

The experience centre is a modern, bright, architectural space that is both energising and elegant – combining an expansive white backdrop for showcasing the latest Girbau equipment with well-appointed classrooms, comfortable meeting spaces, and the new virtual reality laundry technology.  The focus is clearly on innovation – and it’s a long way from the traditional industrial shop floor!

We have adopted a similar commitment to transparency, innovation and design-led thinking at the Ideal production facility in Northamptonshire – and it was extremely useful to see such a good example of these ideas having been implemented so successfully.

Thanks again to the Worshipful Company of Launderers for the opportunity to be part of this travelling scholarship – it is very much appreciated – and we all got tremendous value from the experience.  I look forward to putting various members of my team forward for future opportunities of this kind !  For TSA Advisor report in their Summer 2018 edition, please click here.